About the Author

Christian Howgill

Having spent 20 years in the tennis world, Christian is well placed to compile this delightful anthology of tennis anecdotes, which is sure to become a must have accessory to tennis lovers everywhere.

He worked as the Editor of The Queen’s Club Magazine in the 90’s, as well as blogging for several tennis websites. His other writing credits include many TV shows like Jasper Carrott and Rory Bremner on the BBC and for Clive Anderson on Channel 4.

He’s also written for several radio programmes for the BBC like Radio 4’s Weekending, Two Cheers, and the News Huddlines and has written or had featured columns in several leading publications including Punch magazine, Edge Magazine, Excel Magazine, FORE!, Today’s Golfer and of course The Queen’s Club Magazine itself.

Out now!

How Tennis Invented Everything

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